REVIEW – Wonder Woman (2017)

This is the eighteenth time watching this stupendous movie. Wonder Woman has been my favourite character since I was seven years old. Thank you Patty Jenkins & THANK YOU Gal Gadot for this masterpiece! 💙

The film begins inside the walls of the Louvre Museum in Paris. The story begins with Diana, Princess of Themyscira looking at a picture from her past & we are taken on a journey on how she became Wonder Woman by participating in World War I alongside Steve Trevor & his gang plus defeating Ares, the God of War.

Wonder Woman is simply amazing. The film does not hold back because Gal Gadot – bless her – gives you all the glory of the iconic Amazonian Warrior Princess. Gal Gadot was well known from the Fast & Furious series, but her quintessential performance in this film has cemented herself as an icon! As Princess Diana of Themyscira, Gal truly does kick ass in this film. She truly is a superwoman in reality as she did her own stunts despite being five months pregnant!

This film is a masterpiece courtesy of the hard work put into the cinematography to the brilliant choreography & the production plus art design as well as the meticulous details into the costumes. It’s one of the many reasons why I keep on watching this film because it truly feels like you are in their world.

The message of love is strong in this film & I believe in love just like Wonder Woman.

PS: I was astounded by the performance and beauty of Gal Gadot, which allowed me to muster the courage to book a flight to the State of Israel & next February I shall be experiencing the beauty the nation has to offer. And I have to thank Gal Gadot for it 💙

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