I used to like going to Hypocritical Republic of Pakistan for a short holiday, but thanks to COVID–19, I was stuck in the country from the 19th of September 2020 until the I7th of October 2021.

Due to the year of quintessential hell, where not only I was bullied mentally & emotionally, but I was also subjugated & emasculated. Sadly, I ended up missing the wedding of my brother in November 2022.

With the utmost pleasure, I am happy to announce that I have come to the decision that I have excommunicated myself – just like my Grandmother – from the nation because the family are not just quintessentially toxic, but are also pious MANAFUCKS!

Holiday (Western Definition):

A period of time spent by an individual away from the stress & tribulations of work.

When an individual is on a holiday, they are free to do what they want such as:

• Mentally recuperate.

• Go travelling.

• Experience things outside of their comfort zone.

• Learn new things about life.

• Broaden your horizons.

Holiday (Pakistani Definition):

A period of time spent in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, where expats/overseas Pakistanis must “abide” by the rules of the sanctimonious, be controlled & be subjugated at all times like a dog.

When an individual is on holiday in the nation, they are told the following:

• You cannot talk to person A or person B.

• You cannot be yourself.

• You cannot go where you want or even go out in the evening without being interrogated.

The reason? The ridiculous fear of being gossip or labelled as too western.


Why would I want to go to Pakistan for a holiday when disagreements, petty arguments & quarrels are rife?!

I want to relax with people who have an open mind, share life experiences, interact in meaningful conversations with plenty of banter instead of either being in the house sitting in a sofa or listening that certain family members are no longer interacting with one another due to egos, feuds or jealousy.

Why would I want to go to Pakistan for a holiday when plastic gangsters with deluded, elevated egos are loose on the streets shooting people left, right & centre over lands & plots.

All the melodrama & verbal fights stems from competition & jealousy as well as inheritance from great-grandfathers, grandfathers & parents.

After gaining their “precious” inheritance, nefarious egos are developed. These people people get too big for their own boots after they watch gangster films, which then leads to killing sprees by pistols or an AKA-47 Kalashnikovs.

Your “holiday” is ruined as you have to attend a funeral. When you enter the vicinity of the funeral, you hear cacophonic sounds of women shrieking along with men sitting eerily.

Why would I want to go to Pakistan for a holiday when you are strictly given a curfew by people who are so fucking comfortable emasculating men & are happy in their comfort zone?!

Why? Why would I?! I don’t want to add more damage or strain to my mind & increase more trauma to my mental state of mind.


I have come to realise that in Pakistan, whoever has got the money … they are revered as Gods.

In Pakistan, there is no concept of hard work. It is the poor people – gareeb logh – who do all the hard work in the scorching sun as they are hired by the corrupt/rich & treated like absolute dogs.

Those corrupt & rich people – also known as RAHEES AZAMS – wake up at random times, have their luxurious breakfasts, order cups of tea during the day, gossip about money, mock other rich people they don’t like & laugh as if they are better than the rest.

Karma will deal with them in one way or another as those people are not immune & not untouchable especially those women who love emasculating men.

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